• Our next Story Slam is:

    Wednesday, September 17 at 7pm
    Theme: HEAVEN!
    Burlap and Bean, Newtown Square, PA

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Center Stage: Faith debuts September 13th

Delco Story Slam is taking August off! We return to Burlap and Bean in on Wednesday, September 17th with the theme of HEAVEN. Tickets available here. We’re excited to debut a new Storytelling night. West Chester Center Stage will be an occasional series featuring real people telling personal stories tied to an important theme. Our … Continue reading

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Our “It’s My Job” Story Slam Ends in a Tie!

Donna McCole and Pat Winter both told winning stories at the July “It’s My Job” Story Slam. Donna told a story of seeing how an actual “sex chat line” operations works firsthand. Pat recalled a night of drinking with her cousins where she assumed the responsibility of guarding her young relatives from some leering men … Continue reading

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Our July 16th Story Slam is themed “It’s My Job!”

OUR JULY STORY SLAM IS… What do you love about your job? What do you hate about your job? We want to know! Our next Delco Story Slam, scheduled for Wednesday, July 16th, is themed “It’s My Job.” You can order your tickets and reserve seats through Burlap and Bean’s events page by clicking here. We … Continue reading

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Jackie Danesi wins our “Road Trip” Story Slam!

We heard some stellar Road Trip stories, and Jackie Danesi’s story won the night. Jackie recalled how she pulled together a road trip to Atlantic City that turned into a nightmare, with one catastrophe after another. We heard stories about being picked up by hillbillies while hitch hiking, trekking to rock concerts, being chased by … Continue reading

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Our June 18th Story Slam is themed “Road Trip!”

It’s June, which means it is time for a “Road Trip!” That’s the theme for our next Story Slam which is being held on Wednesday, June 18th, 7 p.m., at Burlap and Bean Coffeehouse in Newtown Square. We’re searching for stories about awesome road trips and road trips from hell. Was your last family vacation … Continue reading

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Jasmann wins the “Broke” Story Slam

Jasmann Thornton won our “Broke” Story Slam with her candid story of how growing up broke on the Main Line shaped her perception of money. She won our coveted Delco Story Slam mug and a slot in our November Grand Slam. We heard a diverse set of stories on the night. We heard about the … Continue reading

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Our May 21 Story Slam is Themed “Broke!”

We’re going for BROKE at our May 21 Story Slam! Come out to Burlap and Bean to hear stories about desperate times, desperate measures. In a land of plenty, we’re looking for stories about the lack of money. These might be stories about losing your wallet one night while in the big city or surviving … Continue reading

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Lewis Everline wins our Karma Story Slam

Lewis Everline took home the coveted coffee mug and a slot in our November Grand Slam with his story about trying to retrieve gold out of a river. We heard many fine stories tonight on the theme of Karma! We heard stories about leaving an abusive husband, stealing contraband out of the back of a … Continue reading


Our April 16th Story Slam is “Karma!”

On April 16th, we’ll be sending good vibes and hopefully feeling the return waves. Our April 16 Story Slam is themed “Karma!” We’re looking for stories about both good and bad Karma. We know you’ve experienced both. Here’s a piece of the Wikipedia definition: Karma means action, work or deed; [1] it also refers to … Continue reading

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Steve Clark wins the “Good Intentions” Story Slam!

Steve Clark won our March Story Slam, which was themed “Good Intentions,” with his hilarious story of taking his date on the ride known as “the Zipper” at the fair. Steve took home the coveted Delco Story Slam coffee mug and a slot in our Grand Slam, which will be held in November. Check out … Continue reading


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