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  • Our next Story Slam is:

    Wednesday, April 16 at 7pm
    Theme: KARMA
    Burlap and Bean, Newtown Square, PA

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Lewis Everline wins our Karma Story Slam

Lewis Everline took home the coveted coffee mug and a slot in our November Grand Slam with his story about trying to retrieve gold out of a river. We heard many fine stories tonight on the theme of Karma! We heard stories about leaving an abusive husband, stealing contraband out of the back of a … Continue reading


Our April 16th Story Slam is “Karma!”

On April 16th, we’ll be sending good vibes and hopefully feeling the return waves. Our April 16 Story Slam is themed “Karma!” We’re looking for stories about both good and bad Karma. We know you’ve experienced both. Here’s a piece of the Wikipedia definition: Karma means action, work or deed; [1] it also refers to … Continue reading

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Steve Clark wins the “Good Intentions” Story Slam!

Steve Clark won our March Story Slam, which was themed “Good Intentions,” with his hilarious story of taking his date on the ride known as “the Zipper” at the fair. Steve took home the coveted Delco Story Slam coffee mug and a slot in our Grand Slam, which will be held in November. Check out … Continue reading


Our “Good Intentions” Story Slam is March 19th!

The theme for our March 19 Story Slam is GOOD INTENTIONS! Good Intentions often leads to unintended consequences. We try to help someone out and receive an unexpected backlash. Or the ripples from our act of kindness leads to something greater than we could have imagined. Perhaps the ripples turn into a tsunami of disaster. … Continue reading

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Madison wins our “Love Hurts” Story Slam

We laughed. We cried. We learned that love is not all joy and happiness. Our February Story Slam was themed “Love Hurts.” In the end, Madison Rumpf’s touching story about her relationship with a childhood friend won the night’s Story Slam. We heard sad stories about dealing with an alcoholic friend and traveling halfway across … Continue reading


Our February 19 Story Slam is Themed “Love Hurts!”

Five days after Valentine’s Day, we’ll be listening to stories on the theme “Love Hurts!” Join us on Wednesday, February 19 at Burlap and Bean. Tell your story or just listen! Love takes many forms. It is both glorious and dreadful. Perhaps you were jilted at the altar or had the worst prom date ever. … Continue reading

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Chris Lumpkin Wins Our January Story Slam!

Chris Lumpkin won the “Embarrassing Moments” Story Slam with his recollection of attending a formal dinner with a Japanese family after weeks of training in Japanese customs, and how the meal went horribly wrong. Chris won a coveted Delco Story Slam mug and a slot in our Grand Slam at the end of the season. … Continue reading


Our January 15 Story Slam is “Embarrassing Moments!”

Our January 15th Story Slam has one of the funnest themes ever – Embarrassing Moments! We want to hear stories where you were personally embarrassed or watched the embarrassment of someone else. Perhaps you struck out during a job interview or made an absent minded mistake which led to unfortunate consequences. How did you react … Continue reading


Dates and Themes for 2014 Delco Season Announced

The Delco Story Slam’s 2014 season will be  held  on the third Wednesday of the month at Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square. Stories should be approximately five minutes and relate in some way to the theme of the night. Remember, no notes, no props, and no music. Just you and a mic! Check out … Continue reading


Luanne Sims wins our First Annual Grand Slam!

Luanne Sims won the Delco Grand Slam with her remembrance of bringing flowers home for her mother as a kid – something she and her brother thought was a good idea at the time – and how this “good idea” turned into a bonding experience. Luanne had pulled off quite the feat, becoming the first … Continue reading


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