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Delco Story Slam Takes Hiatus

While we had a fun season in 2015, but it’s time to consolidate. Delco Story Slam is taking a hiatus in 2016. If you are interested in telling stories at a Story Slam – or just going out to listen for an entertaining night of stories – we have some recommendations. Check out one of … Continue reading

Peter Cunniffe wins the 2015 Grand Slam!

Peter Cunniffe won the 2015 GRAND SLAM, earning the title of Best Storyteller in Delco! Peter told the amazing story of how he ended up driving his son to a lunch meeting with a Silicon Valley legend. In addition to winning the title, Peter scored a gift certificate to Fellini Cafe. The theme of the … Continue reading

2015 Delco GRAND SLAM is November 3rd!

Our 2015 Delco Story Slam season comes to a raucous end with the biggest battle of all! The winning storytellers from the year return to compete for the title of Best Storyteller in Delco at the 2015 Delco Story Slam GRAND SLAM! The stories start flowing at 8pm, on Tuesday, November 3rd! Grab your tickets … Continue reading

Penny Zenker Wins October Story Slam! Grand Slam Theme Announced!

Penny Zenker won our “Scared to Death” Story Slam with her story of giving birth! Penny won the prized pint glass and the final slot in our Grand Slam, which will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd at Maggie O’Neill’s Irish Pub! You can pick up your Grand Slam tickets by clicking here. Our October … Continue reading

Our October 6th Story Slam is “Scared to Death!”

Our final Story Slam of the 2015 season is taking place on Tuesday, October 6th and the theme is “Scared to Death!” We want to hear stories about when you were frightened beyond belief. Maybe you found yourself in a situation where you thought you might be about to lose your life. Did you ever … Continue reading

Aysha Siddiqua Wins Our Schooled Slam!

Aysha Siddiqua won our “Schooled” Story Slam and earned a spot in our November Grand Slam. Aysha told a story of being suspended from school for bullying and what she learned from the situation. We heard some fun stories on the night: being taught Catholic guilt by the nuns, having to wear a helmet in … Continue reading

Our September 1 Story Slam is “Schooled!”

We’re kicking off September with our “Schooled” Story Slam! Our Story Slam will be held on Tuesday, September 1 at Maggie “O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Drexel Hill. We only have two more chances to win a slot in our Grand Slam. What is “Schooled?” Tell us about a time where you taught someone a valuable … Continue reading

Steve wins our “Lust for Life” Story Slam!

Congratulations to Steve! He won our story slam with a tale of coaching a girl’s basketball team to a significant win! Steve won the prized pint glass and has earned a slot in the November Grand Slam. Tonight’s Lust for Life stories took us throughout the world. We learned how impactful seeing the Eiffel Tower … Continue reading

“Lust for Life” Story Slam is August 4th!

Our theme for the August 4th Delco Story Slam is Lust For Life! What does it mean to “lust for life?” Occasionally in our busy lives, we stop running errands, turn off the TV, and have a moment of clarity – a vision. Is there a moment in your life where you conquered something unimaginable? … Continue reading

Greg Christie wins “On The Road” Slam!

We heard stories about road trips across the USA and overseas, but when it was over, Greg Christie’s story about getting caught in a West Virginia snowstorm won our “On the Road” Story Slam! Greg won the prized pint glass and a chance to return in November to compete in our Grand Slam. The stories … Continue reading