February 27th Story Slam is Themed “Open Wound!”

On Wednesday, February 27, the Delco Story Slam returns to Burlap and Bean for our second story slam of the season. The theme for the night is “Open Wound.” Advanced tickets can be ordered here.

What type of stories fit under the theme “Open Wound?”

Stories could be about physical wounds or emotional wounds. Injuries and healing. Scars and mental toughness. Perhaps this Valentines’ Day revealed an open wound in your past? Maybe you broke a leg playing basketball in high school or your first boyfriend left you scarred, and only time healed your wound. Did you fall off a cliff while skiing? Or maybe you fell in love with a married woman? Perhaps you were working to adopt a child that you’d fallen in love with and the adoption was abruptly halted. The death of a loved one often leaves wounds, especially if certain things had gone unsaid, or your last remembrance was of an argument or disagreement.

Our themes are meant to be broad so we know you have a story to tell. Remember, stories should be under five minutes in length, and no notes, music, or props are to be used. Here’s video of the winning story from our January Story Slam, which was themed Good Intentions.

And here’s an added bonus. We had a tie at our West Chester Story Slam. Click here to watch the two winning stories.

Remember, order your tickets here for Wednesday, February 27. The show begins at 8 p.m. Parking is free. Burlap and Bean serves excellent coffee, lattes and food. Burlap and Bean is also a BYOB.



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