Diane Bizzarro wins our Guilty Pleasures Story Slam

Just as we were about to end the story slam, Diane Bizzarro raised her hand and told us she had a story. She took the stage and told the the funny and insightful story that explained why she doesn’t eat when she and her husband host parties in their home. And in these closing moments of our story slam, Diane took home the coveted Delco Story Slam coffee mug—and a slot in our Grand Slam! See her story below.

We heard many fun stories on the night, including tales about the guilty pleasures of dating, underage drinking, eating ice cream, smoking marijuana, tripping people, dumpster diving, meeting your childhood idol, and more. It was awesome to see so many first-timers take the stage, and we had a record crowd!

Our next Delco Story Slam is April 24th and the theme is Love Objects! This could be interpreted as Love Objects or Love Objects. Objects could a be a noun or a verb, giving you a wide array of stories to choose from! We’ll write up more ideas on the theme soon.

Here’s Diane’s winning story, followed by several of our other storytellers on the night.


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