Our June 26th Story Slam is themed “On the Road!”

Are you ready for a road trip?


Our next Delco Story Slam, scheduled for Wednesday, June 26th, is themed “On the Road.” You can order your tickets, and reserve seats if you would like, through Burlap and Bean’s events page by clicking here.

While this On The Road theme reminds many of Jack Kerouac’s novel, our theme of travel is a bit broader. Sure, we’d like to hear about groovy hipsters from the beat generation, but we want to hear stories from every generation.

We’re looking for stories of travel, both here in the good old USA and abroad. Nearly every family has packed up their station wagon or mini-van and trekked cross country or perhaps to Disneyworld. Think National Lampoon’s Vacation or Little Miss Sunshine. Cooped up in a car with family or friends, you learn a lot on these journeys – both about the people you are with, and yourself. Remember the time your brother got sick in the back seat? Perhaps you had a memorable visit to the Grand Canyon or the majestic Old Glory. Remember the time you thumbed it through Europe? Maybe you and those college roommates traveled down I-95 for Spring Break. Tell us about the time you left that boyfriend you were fighting with in the rear view mirror.

So plan your road trip now. Remember – Burlap and Bean has great coffee and food, and they are also a BYOB. We hope to hear your Road Trip story in June. Once again, the Story Slam is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26th and tickets can be ordered here.


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