Bob Markowitz Wins the “On The Road” Story Slam!

Bob Markowitz won the June Story Slam with his story about the road  he traveled to open heart surgery. The theme of the night was “on The Road.” We heard stories about road trips that were downright frightening – people nearly running out of gas, running over a dead body, being stopped by men with machine guns. We heard about getting lost because of language issues and faulty GPS directions. We also heard about road trips with a sleepy driver, and a road trip with ice cream as a reward.

Thanks to everyone who came out and told a story, those who volunteered to be judges, and everyone who cheered the storytellers on. Our next Story Slam is scheduled for July 24th and the theme is “It’s My Job!”

Check out video of Bob’s winning story below, plus a few photos from our event. You can watch all the videos by clicking here.

Sara Drew tells about nearly running out of gas

Sara Drew tells about nearly running out of gas


Mike Gleason describes a road trip to Atlantic City


Jim Breslin describes his road trip home after Senior Week


Bradley Beck discusses ice cream


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