Maureen Breslin wins the “It’s My Job” Story Slam

Maureen Breslin won the “It’s My Job” Story Slam with her story of trying to translate Chinese while working in the circus. We heard ten stories on the night, stories about diverse jobs and lessons learned through the years. We heard the hilarious story of a waiter who thought he accidentally killed a a patron. We heard about the joys of working with an autistic child, what skydiving can teach you about perseverance, and how a year of hard labor can change a young man’s mind. We heard tales about having to face a Secret Service agent and about being paid to act like a waitress who has been murdered. Our emcee Mikey Gleason talked about getting a standup comedy gig at a most unusual, and awkward event. We also heard about having to tell a co-worker about a rather sensitive personal issue, and another story about learning a valuable business lesson while traveling on a sales job.

Below is video of Maureen’s winning story and a slideshow from the night. You can check out all the stories by clicking here.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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