Our August 28th Story Slam is themed “Boiling Point!”

Have you ever gotten mad? Really mad?


The theme for our August 28th Story Slam is Boiling Point!

While we hope to hear stories about hot water, we really want hear stories of pent up anger. Some people let anger percolate slowly, only letting off steam a little at a time. Others can reach their boiling point rather quickly – whether at work, at home, at a party or on the road. What pet peeves make you mad? Maybe you once saw a stranger who had a festering anger building inside them, or know of a family member who appears chronically mad at the world. Of course, we’ll also hear stories about making tea, scalding water, saunas, and hidden deep springs.

You can order your tickets directly from Burlap and Bean’s Events Page by clicking here.

And here’s one of our favorite stories about anger, as told at a recent Delco Story Slam by Bradley Beck.


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