Richard Fritzson wins our October Story Slam!

photo 2-3Richard Fritzson won our “Scared to Death” Story Slam with a story about his fear of public speaking!

Amazing, eh?

Richard explained how one stranger lent him a helping hand when he faltered at the microphone, and how that moment changed his life.

This excellent story earned Richard the final spot in our upcoming GRAND SLAM, scheduled for Wednesday, December 4 at Burlap and Bean. In the GRAND SLAM, each of the year’s winning storytellers compete for the title of Best Storyteller in Delco.

We heard stories about a haunted house and missing children, scary Halloween nights, donating blood, dangerous canoe trips, and ill tempered customers. We even heard a story about Pat Carmody’s mother fell out of a car and lived. Thanks to all our storytellers on the night, those who volunteered as judges, and all our listeners tonight!

Tickets for the GRAND SLAM are on sale now. Click here to order.

Here’s Richard’s winning story:


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