Our February 19 Story Slam is Themed “Love Hurts!”

Five days after Valentine’s Day, we’ll be listening to stories on the theme “Love Hurts!” Join us on Wednesday, February 19 at Burlap and Bean. Tell your story or just listen!

DSC_0005Love takes many forms. It is both glorious and dreadful. Perhaps you were jilted at the altar or had the worst prom date ever. Maybe the person you had a crush on didn’t know you were alive. Maybe your love for a family member has proven to be more than trying at times. Only love can break a heart, right? In some cases, persistence can win out in the end, but other times, love just isn’t meant to be. As George Thorogood once asked, “Who Do You Love?”  Maybe you have a love affair with a job, a place, a food, a drink? Be creative! Last year, we heard a great story from John that would fit under this theme. Check out the story below.

Stories should be approximately five minutes long and true as you remember it. No notes, no props, no music. Just you and a mic! If you have a story to tell, simply sign up once you arrive. Check out the rules page to learn more. Remember, you don’t have to tell a story. We love people who come out and listen also!  The winner of our Love Hurts Story Slam will win a spot in our 2014 Grand Slam, which will be held in November.

Our Story Slam is held at Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square, an awesome coffeehouse which is also a BYOB. So pick up a bottle of wine or a six pack and come on out. The show begins at 7 pm. You can reserve tickets by clicking HERE.



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