Madison wins our “Love Hurts” Story Slam

We laughed. We cried. We learned that love is not all joy and happiness.

Our February Story Slam was themed “Love Hurts.”

photo 4-2In the end, Madison Rumpf’s touching story about her relationship with a childhood friend won the night’s Story Slam.

We heard sad stories about dealing with an alcoholic friend and traveling halfway across the world to attend a funeral. We also listened to humorous stories about traveling to Chicago only to find a lack of love, a romantic affair with San Diego that came to an unfortunate end. We heard stories about torrid affairs and an Armenian marriage that lasted for a single day. We heard about how flirting in the science lab can lead to Love Hurts, literally. And we learned how one cigarette butt changed the course of a family’s schooling and one person’s love life.

Thanks to all our storytellers for sharing such personal stories. Thanks to our judges and our volunteer scorekeeper and our emcee who was celebrating his birthday tonight – Michael Gleason. Of course, the Burlap and Bean staff was awesome as usual.

Our next Delco Story Slam will be Wednesday, March 19th and the theme is GOOD INTENTIONS! Tickets are available by clicking HERE. 

Sometimes, there are stories told that are personal and meant only to be shared with the room – and not placed on Youtube. (That is why you want to attend the live shows!) Last night was one of the nights. Video of our winning story will not be posted but here are many of the other stories told on the night.


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