Our “Good Intentions” Story Slam is March 19th!

The theme for our March 19 Story Slam is GOOD INTENTIONS!

IMG_0798Good Intentions often leads to unintended consequences. We try to help someone out and receive an unexpected backlash. Or the ripples from our act of kindness leads to something greater than we could have imagined. Perhaps the ripples turn into a tsunami of disaster. One person’s good intentions can sometimes be translated as something self-serving. A person who acts on their good intentions may be seen as someone who acts with aggression. Most people act with good intentions and the world is better for it – in most cases. Come on out and take to the mic – we want to hear your story about Good Intentions!

Stories should be approximately five minutes long and true as you remember it. No notes, no props, no music. Just you and a mic! If you have a story to tell, simply sign up once you arrive. Check out the rules page to learn more. Remember, you don’t have to tell a story. We love people who come out and listen also!  The winner of our Love Hurts Story Slam will win a spot in our 2014 Grand Slam, which will be held in November.

Our Story Slam is held at Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square, an awesome coffeehouse which is also a BYOB. So pick up a bottle of wine or a six pack and come on out. The show begins at 7 pm. You can reserve tickets by clicking HERE.

Check out this story on Good Intentions that David James told at the West Chester Story Slam in 2010.


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