Our May 21 Story Slam is Themed “Broke!”

We’re going for BROKE at our May 21 Story Slam! Come out to Burlap and Bean to hear stories about desperate times, desperate measures.

BrokeDownIn a land of plenty, we’re looking for stories about the lack of money. These might be stories about losing your wallet one night while in the big city or surviving a semester in college when your funds ran out before final exams. Have you ever been so broke, you did something desperate for money? Perhaps you lost a job and had to change your habits, downscale, take up frugality. Maybe you’ve always embraced “voluntary simplicity” or partake in bartering for your basic needs. Have you thought you understood poverty, only to visit an inner-city neighborhood or a third-world country and have your financial beliefs shattered?

Anyone can take the stage and tell a story at our Story Slams. Stories should be about five minutes long, true as you remember it, and no props, notes or music is allowed. It’s just you and the mic in front of a live audience and three judges. You don’t have to tell a story, but don’t be surprised if you jump up at intermission and sign up. We love first-time storytellers. You can read more on our Rules Page.

The BROKE Story Slam is Wednesday, May 21 at 7 p.m. at the always awesome Burlap and Bean Coffeehouse in Newtown Square. Remember – it’s a BYOB! You can reserve your tickets for the May 21st Story Slam by clicking HERE.


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