Jasmann wins the “Broke” Story Slam

photo 1-14 Jasmann Thornton won our “Broke” Story Slam with her candid story of how growing up broke on the Main Line shaped her perception of money. She won our coveted Delco Story Slam mug and a slot in our November Grand Slam.

We heard a diverse set of stories on the night. We heard about the ethical dilemma one faces when being offered a large amount of money to kiss someone in a bar. We heard about how high schoolers tried to keep a friend from breaking his iPad, and we learned how to steal soap from the Paris Mariott.  We also heard an explanation of how being broke is different from living in poverty. Mikey Gleason kicked off the night with a story of being broke in Manhattan when his car broke down, and he wrapped up the night with a hilarious story of competing in a triathlon.

Our next Story Slam will be on June 18th and the theme will be “Road Trip.” Reserve your tickets by clicking HERE.

Here’s Jasmann’s winning story. We will post more videos of stories soon so check back in. Thanks!


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