Jackie Danesi wins our “Road Trip” Story Slam!

photo 2-16We heard some stellar Road Trip stories, and Jackie Danesi’s story won the night. Jackie recalled how she pulled together a road trip to Atlantic City that turned into a nightmare, with one catastrophe after another.

We heard stories about being picked up by hillbillies while hitch hiking, trekking to rock concerts, being chased by dogs, driving cross country, and bizarre encounters in Roswell, New Mexico. We heard about a road trip wedding and sci-fi conventions, as well as being saved by a hippie in Woodstock.

Our next Delco Story Slam is scheduled for July 16th and the theme is IT’S MY JOB! You can order your tickets by clicking here. Special Note: we will NOT be holding an August Delco Story Slam since Burlap and Bean is closing early each night during the the month.

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We’ll be uploading stories throughout the day on Thursday. Here is Jackie’s winning story.


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