Our July 16th Story Slam is themed “It’s My Job!”


photo 1-6What do you love about your job? What do you hate about your job? We want to know!

Our next Delco Story Slam, scheduled for Wednesday, July 16th, is themed “It’s My Job.” You can order your tickets and reserve seats through Burlap and Bean’s events page by clicking here.

We want to hear your work related stories. Perhaps your story is about your current position, or maybe it is about a job you quit. We’ve all had crappy jobs at some point, maybe while working our way through college or tying us over until something better came along. Maybe you once had the best job in the world, and regret a decision to move on. Did your boss make your job miserable or did they empower you to grow and become a better person? Start thinking about your work related stories, and plan on joining us on July 16th.

Remember, Burlap and Bean has great coffee and food, and they are a BYOB. Once again, the Story Slam is scheduled for Wednesday, July 16th and tickets can be ordered here.


Do you feel the urge to tell a story but want to build some confidence? Check out our one-day Storytelling Workshop, being held on July 19. Click here to learn more and register.


Last month, Jackie Danesi won our “Road Trip” Story Slam with this story about a wild trek to Atlantic City:



SHOPLANDIA, the debut novel by West Chester Story Slam Founder Jim Breslin, peels back the curtain to give a humorous glimpse into the familial bonds that form in the working lives of the crew at a home shopping network. Jim worked at the home shopping network QVC for seventeen years. Learn more about SHOPLANDIA, read reviews, and more by clicking HERE.


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