Our October 15th Story Slam is “Dirty Laundry!”

photo 2-20Our final DELCO Story Slam of the year is being held on Wednesday, October 15th and the theme is “Dirty Laundry!” The Delco Story Slam is held at Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square. Burlap and Bean is an excellent coffeehouse and a BYOB. The story slam starts at 7pm. Order your tickets now directly from Burlap and Bean by clicking HERE. 

What do we mean by Dirty Laundry? We want to hear stories about the scandalous, we want to learn the dirt, and we want to hear stories about filthy clothes. Our themes are meant to be broad – so be creative. Did you once air your dirty laundry in a public place? Did you learn a family secret while standing in a bus terminal? Did you have a story unfold in a laundromat? Have fun and prepare a story or just come and watch other people tell us about their dirty laundry!

This is our final regular season event of the year. In November, we’ll be hosting the GRAND SLAM!

Here’s a winning story from earlier in the year:



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