Elizabeth Johnson wins the October Story Slam

IMG_4114Elizabeth Johnson won our October Story Slam with her story of mistakenly pulling an emergency cord while trying to flush a toilet during a visit to England. She won our final spot in the upcoming November GRAND SLAM, which will take place on Wednesday, November 19th. We heard several excellent stories on a diverse range of topics which touched on the theme of “Dirty Laundry.”

We heard about an obstetrician’s own journey trying to have her own children. We heard stories about running from the police and being caught from the police but fibbing to a judge to get out of trouble. We heard about recovering school transcripts with interesting notes from the school administration. We learned about how to air out a smelly shirt while on the way to meet friends, and how one father ended up embarrassed to meet his Italian relatives.

Video of Elizabeth’s winning story can be seen below. The other videos are on the Delco Story Slam Youtube channel.

Also – don’t forget to pick up your tickets for the GRAND SLAM, and watch this year’s winning storytellers compete for the title of Best Storyteller in Delco! The theme of the night will be JOURNEY. Tickets can be ordered by clicking HERE. 



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