Chris Shuster Wins the “Sick” Story Slam!

IMG_5272Chris Shuster won our “Sick” Story Slam with his story of getting a colonoscopy at the ripe young age of 19. Chris took home the prized pint glass and has earned a spot in the Delco Grand Slam, which will be held in November.

We heard a nice range of stories on the theme of Sick, such as stories about watching a brother puke in his bunk bed, listening to priest’s sermons, feeling sick after winning a free trip to Super Bowl weekend, and being ill while traveling overseas. We also heard the story of a Marine who guzzled a jar of Tabasco sauce and a story that made us wonder about the tough life choice of soda vs. kidney stones.

Our next Story Slam will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd and it should be a great one – our theme for March is Delco Stories! We want to hear stories about growing up in Delco, stories about what makes Delco Delco. You can order tickets by clicking here.

Check out Chris’s winning story below, and our slideshow below that. Other stories will be uploaded throughout the day Wednesday so check back soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One Response to “Chris Shuster Wins the “Sick” Story Slam!”
  1. Chris Shuster says:

    Great experience! Thanks DSS for bringing such a wonderful event to Maggie’s!!

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