Our May 5th Story Slam is themed “Awkward Pause!”

Join us on Tuesday, May 5th for the fifth story slam of the season and listen to stories on the theme of “Awkward Pause!” Our Story Slam will be held at Maggie O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Drexel Hill. You can order your tickets online here for $8 or pay $10 at the door. The show begins at 8pm.

What do we mean by Awkward Pause?

DSC_0029We’ve all experienced those unsettling moments where something is said or seen and can’t be undone. Maybe it was the moment where your college roommate cried when you informed her unicorns are not real. Perhaps the awkward pause was when you realized your significant other was cheating on you. We experience these awkward pauses every day – some are small and others are large. Maybe a political conversation? Did you ever mistake the identity of another person? Did you ever let a secret slip out? Maybe you said something that was better left unsaid.

We will be listening to all types of Awkward Pause stories. You can even hop onstage and tell yours! We will see you on Tuesday, May 5th, 8pm, at Maggie O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Drexel Hill, PA. Pick up your tickets HERE!

Here’s a story from last month’s Story Slam that would also be considered an Awkward Pause story.


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