Our “Caught” Story Slam is June 2nd! (Click Here!)

IMG_6293Our sixth Story Slam of the season is Tuesday night, June 2nd, 8pm and the theme is CAUGHT!

We want to hear your stories about being caught in one way or another. Have you been caught by the police, maybe mistakenly? Have you caught someone else in the act of doing something they shouldn’t have been doing? Maybe you were caught in an economic downturn? Caught in a storm, hurricane or tornado? Caught in an inappropriate position? We’ve all done something – at some point in time – that goes against our better judgement. Maybe we narrowly escaped being caught by our parents, our siblings, our friends.

IMG_4575Our Story Slams are a friendly competition to see who can tell the best “bar story.” If you want to tell a story, sign up upon arrival. We videotape the stories and place them on our YouTube channel the next day. We also choose three stories for our monthly iTunes podcast! Come out and tell your story about being caught or just listen to others tell their stories. Tuesday, Maggie O’Neill’s Irish Pub, Second Floor. We encourage first time storytellers. Get your tickets for $8 by clicking HERE or you can pay $10 at the door.

Do you need some inspiration to prepare your story?

Listen to this story which has an element of “caught” in it, told by Hudson at Lancaster Story Slam earlier this year.


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