Dorina Pena wins our “Caught” Story Slam!

IMG_6632Dorina Pena won our “Caught” Story Slam about how she suddenly felt the romantic urge when caring for her sick boyfriend. Dorina won our prized pint glass and the chance to compete in November’s Grand Slam, where she’ll compete for the title of Best Storyteller in Delco.

Our other “Caught” stories included tales of underage drinking, sneaking on to golf courses, getting stopped on the street by a foot fetishist, breaking a heel in a parking lot, and plagiarism. Thanks to all our storytellers, our judges, emcee Luanne Sims, and the audience for cheering everyone on.

Our next Story Slam is themed “On The Road” and will be held on Tuesday, July 7th. Pick up your tickets here.

Video of Dorina’s story is posted below. To see videos of all our stories, click over to the Delco Story Slam YouTube Channel. Also, scroll down for some photos shot by Dustin Danesi of Oleander Video Productions, and others shot by Jim Breslin.

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