Our “On The Road” Story Slam is July 7th!

IMG_6642Who is hitting the road this summer?

Join us at Maggie O’Neill’s Irish Pub on Tuesday, July 7th for our “On The Road” Story Slam! “Philadelphia’s Best Storyteller” Steve Clark will be our emcee!

Have you ever taken a memorable road trip? Perhaps you drove across the USA with someone you loved? Maybe you hitchhiked to Florida? Have you backpacked across Europe and learned something about yourself in the process? Did you take the road less traveled? Were you stuck in a van with your extended family driving to Wally World? Did you learn the trip is more important than the destination? We want to hear about tragic road trips, outrageous travels, splendid views of life.

Our “On The Road” Story Slam is Tuesday, July 7th at 8pm. If you want to tell a story, sign up upon arrival. Pick up your tickets now by clicking HERE.

Do you need some inspiration to help you think about your “On The Road” Story? Aaron Lewis recently told this road trip story at Lancaster Story Slam.


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