Our September 1 Story Slam is “Schooled!”

August Slam 10We’re kicking off September with our “Schooled” Story Slam! Our Story Slam will be held on Tuesday, September 1 at Maggie “O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Drexel Hill. We only have two more chances to win a slot in our Grand Slam.

What is “Schooled?” Tell us about a time where you taught someone a valuable lesson either inside or outside the classroom. Perhaps you have a story about a time where you were “schooled” by an older sibling. Tell us about how you learned about the real world – maybe it’s that first girlfriend who taught you love is a dog from hell – or that stranger you met one night at a bar during last call. Were you schooled by your parents or on the streets? What are the most important life lessons that you have learned the hard way?

Let’s get the semester kicked off right. Join us at Maggie O’Neill’s Irish Pub for the “Schooled” Story Slam. Tuesday, September 1 at 8pm. Pick up tickets HERE.

Need inspiration? Here’s a story Andy Rodriquez told at West Chester Story Slam about being Schooled.


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