2015 Delco GRAND SLAM is November 3rd!

IMG_6639Our 2015 Delco Story Slam season comes to a raucous end with the biggest battle of all! The winning storytellers from the year return to compete for the title of Best Storyteller in Delco at the 2015 Delco Story Slam GRAND SLAM! The stories start flowing at 8pm, on Tuesday, November 3rd! Grab your tickets now by clicking HERE!

Who is competing this year? Here are the year’s winners:

January 6 – Resolutions – Tie: Luke Stromberg and Peter Cunniffe
February 3 – Sick – Winner: Chris Shuster
March 3 – Delco Stories – Winner: Jackie Danesi
April 7 – Rise Above – Winner: Doug Landman
May 5 – Awkward Pause – Winner: Maria Ceferatti
June 2 – Caught – Winner: Dorina Pena
July 7 – On the Road – Winner: Greg Christie
August 4 – Lust for Life – Winner: Steve Clark
September 1 – Schooled – Winner: Aysha Siddiqua
October 6 – Scared to Death – Winner: Penny Zenker

Be sure to order your tickets for our Grand Slam on Tuesday, November 3rd. The Grand Slam theme is GLORIOUS DAY! Order your tickets here.


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