Want to stay in touch with Delco Story Slam? Here’s how:

Delco Story Slam Newsletter – all of the Delco Story Slam News – updates on our live events, our videos and podcasts – delivered right to your inbox. Don’t worry though, we will send only two emails a month and we do not share your email address. Click here to sign up.

If you would prefer to stay in touch via social media, here’s a few options.

Twitter – Follow us at @delcostoryslam and you’ll receive more frequent updates about videos uploaded on You Tube, live events and podcasts.

You Tube – Subscribe to the Delco Story Slam You Tube Channel to get updates on videos uploaded to the channel.

Podcast – Subscribe to the Delco Story Slam monthly podcast through iTunes and each month’s podcast will download to your device.

Facebook – although we update Facebook regularly, FB only shows each post to about ten percent of those people who have liked the Delco Story Slam page. Like us on Facebook if you desire, but you’ll want to visit our page for updates or also sign up for our email list so you don’t miss the excitement.


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