While the Delco Story Slam is a competition, please be assured we don’t take the competitive part too seriously. Our goal is to provide a fun night of stories for the audience, and we are always thrilled to see new participants hop on-stage. If you’ve been thinking about telling a story, the Delco Story Slam and the West Chester Story Slam, are both a great venue to get on stage for the first time!

The best advice we’ve heard is this: Know the first sentence of your story and know the last sentence of your story. If you know where you are starting and have your destination in sight, you’ll do just fine!

Official Rules for the Delco Story Slam are as follows:

Storytellers register upon arrival. Names are usually drawn out of a hat to decide order of presentation.

Stories should fit into the theme of the night! (Check Schedule!)
Stories should be true as you remember it!
Stories should be under five minutes in length!
No Notes, No Props, No Music!

Three judges are selected from the audience. Each storyteller is given a score on a scale of 1-10 for two different criteria: content and presentation. The storyteller with the highest score wins, and is given a spot in November’s Grand Slam!

3 Responses to “Rules”
  1. Barb Donnelly says:

    Can you share old stories about Delaware County, or are these stories that one has written?

    • The story should be true as you remember it. No notes are allowed on stage. Also – stories do not need to be about or set in Delaware County. You can watch a few stories on the site to get an idea of what they are like. Thanks!

  2. Chris McMahon says:

    I’ve just learned about this. What a fantastic outlet! Now I have to gather my courage and tell a story!

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